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SHATTI-NET Is a company specialized in the field of telecommunications and information technology, where this company is considered one of the leading companies in the Libyan market to provide Internet service, we supply high quality hardware and deliver end-to-end solutions from the design planning stage, to equipment procurement, installation and monitoring. We have a group of engineers and highly skilled technicians in order to support and provide services to users of all kinds.
   Allocated (Dedicated) Services
Target group are institutions, companies, banks and different sectors of the state that need high-speed Internet to meet their needs and fulfill their tasks and work smoothly and quickly and save time.
Participation Services (Shared)
Target group are companies and small and medium enterprises that need high-speed Internet at low prices to meet their needs and to cover Statistics Statistics resources with the participation of speeds required with other participants in the same service
Hotspot services (Hotspot)
This service is available in cafes to provide Internet service limited capacity enables you to surf the Internet and read your mail and communicate with your friends
Provide service by wireless channels stings high speeds available
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Mobile: +218914228317
Phone: +218217219756
Address: El-njila, Janzour-Tripoli
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